Doing the work you need to do to be successful in interior design

When I began my business- I dragged my kids to job sites if I needed to do a quick check on something or drop a thingy or two off ( yes I was a delivery person too 😂) I met people on Saturdays, evenings I did not have my kids, whatever it took to make it work as a single mom. Because attending kids events during the day at school and sports was my priority. Balance is a strange word when you own a business. It will mean different things to different people and that is ok.

Define your own boundaries

So call me a dinosaur if you like- but a strong work ethic and an attitude of service will get you far- even today. No clue how long many of you have been doing this for a full time-support yourself and family type of deal- but let me say this- times have been pretty good despite a pandemic and contentious election.

Who knows what things will be like in 2021.

Make your reputation NOW.

Set the tone for your business NOW. Because if life continues to go haywire those who conduct their business with an attitude of service and a “I got this” for higher end clients who will still have the $ to spend will rise to the top.I say this simply because over and over I see newish designers talking like it is all about YOU.

Make it about your client not about you if you want to win

To be successful long term you need to make it about your clients and what you can do for them. Then all these posts about clients shopping them or arguing over pricing or whatever will be non existent.

It takes work to be successful and a wise person will remember this. So yeah go on the appointment- make her LOVE you by solving her problems. Make her think she cannot even go to Target and buy a bath rug without the input of her designer because she values you THAT MUCH.

Review your discovery process, hone in on the details of how you convey your business model

Then all of the issues with timing and possibly $ – go away. That is the time you make sure she knows you need to be home by 5 or whatever- but will work on a mutually acceptable time to meet in future. AfTER she drinks the koolaid that is your brand promise.

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