Dwell on Design, 2018

I had the enviable ( do not be a hater!)  opportunity to attend the show with nine of my design colleagues in a blog tour sponsored by Dwell on Design and pulled together by DesignHounds. We attended the show, the LA Design Trail and the Home Tour in Los Angeles and were treated royally and cannot say enough about the hospitality!

Karma Automotive

We started the show with a firsthand look at the Karma Automotive cars on display outside the exhibit hall.  “Conspicuous without the consumption”: Karma cars are sexy, high performance, and were named the Luxury Green Car of the Year in 2018. We got a firsthand look at these fabulous rides and a few of us who were adventurous even took them for a spin. For a mere $130,000 you too can drive one of these amazing electric cars into your garage.

Sexy does not even begin to describe this animal.
You know I am tactile- I was feeling up this guy the entire time.
Our own Elle H Millard!
Claire- one of those crazy Canadians- they never get to go fast with all that snow so watch out! Find out more about Claire here.

My favorite part of the show?

The many Interior Design Iconic speakers; notably Karim Rashid and Jonathan Adler and we also got to hear Bobby Berk give us some insight into art placement. This is part of the entire week that I wish was expanded even more- can you imagine the people flocking to the events if an entire week was devoted to hearing MANY inspiring and informative design pros speak about their work? All in one place? At one time? Are you listening Dwell on Design Decisionmakers??

I promise this was work!!

Jonathan Adler- Dwell on Design 2018

Although I’ve heard Jonathan before, his candor and sense of humor is always worth another listen.  He spoke to us about the business side of design, He encouraged us to learn to how to delegate, which he clearly has mastered through his experience and growth of his company and so uh yeah- I figured I could get him to give some on one to my Liz who is allergic to delegation!

Jonathan Adler, potter, designer and author, launched his namesake brand after leaving his day job to pursue his first love: pottery. In his talk with us he explained that his path was not planned and was flexible as opportunities were presented and that sort of resonated with me- he is always fun and approachable and – real.

Karim Rashid- Dwell on Design 2018

Karim Rashid is one of the most prolific designers of our generation and has award winning designs in luxury goods, lighting, high tech, surface design, brand identity, and packaging.

I sold these in my shop. I was on trend I am telling you! Karim, Bodo Sperlein early Adler- wowza. I need to get back to my modern roots.

In his presentation, he shared  his belief that the digital age has diluted and stifled the profession of art and design because the tools to design and create are in our pockets via our phones and electronics.   Karim told us all to think outside the box and stressed the importance of being the best creator we can.  Karim is one of my faves even though I confess I only understand about half of what he is saying. Read this interview by Art Premium– it was full of great insights. I am miffed that I did not get his signature on his book- I so wanted to tell him I still have one of the bozart doll houses in the original box!

 Bobby Berk- Dwell on Design 2018

I know Bobby from my work with KBIS and the NKBA. His story is one of hard work and diligence. He started out stocking shelves at  Bed Bath and Beyond to today where he leads his furniture design company and four stores in L.A.  Accomplishing all that in just 10 years!  Find him on Queer Eye where he is usually stealing the show. He spoke about art placement for Minted and while not in agreement on all of his ideas- always good to hear him speak- he has an infectious personality that is hard not to love.

The show floor

Here is our group at the show!

The show was small- not going to lie- but many carefully curated vendors were present and we enjoyed seeing their wares. And yes we opened up a new line of jewelry for the shop too!

 Dconstruct fits our style as well as our design focus- the jewelry is made from architectural materials and post consumer resin. Truly gorgeous and we will have them in the shop soon.

So much to love!
Hard to choose!

Many vendors were unique and small and some were larger and luxe- a little bit for all. But my favorites are the out of the way, eccentric vendors showing things I would otherwise never find. More from the show and the faboosh home tour coming up soon-

Thank you Dwell!