Small Coastal Condo Infused with Color

Small coastal condo gets a new life!

This project started as a consultation that really focused on whether or not it was feasible to maximize functionality out of a tight kitchen area in a condo on the beach. The cabinetry was sort of dated but not terrible terrible.

Refresh or total gut of this small kitchen

The client wanted to give it a refresh worked but we had worked with her before…so she could not quite decide how far to go. Maybe just repaint the existing cabinets? She needed some furniture. She wanted a little more ambiance and pizazz. And she wanted the Cheryl magic.
Ok finally, decision made. Kitchen had to go@!

Decision made- a new kitchen to go with the new living!

After further review on site with her during the consult meeting, and pitching a few inquiries around for bids on cabinetry and countertops – she ultimately decided to gut and re-do the whole layout. And man-oh-man what a difference some well executed design makes!!
This layout was unique and truly optimized every inch we could muster from the kitchen. (Working around that spiral staircase and navigating the soffit that wrapped the entire kitchen and adjacent living room!!) Colors needed to be bold while still feeling fresh so we paired a deep aubergine and a sort of “matte” Caribbean blue which laid the groundwork for a stunning living area palette.

Tough layout to enlarge much

There were a lot of other “givens” in this space that made the execution of the design a highly strategized process. We knew we had to work around the large wall space that starts the kitchen because it had the laundry room hiding on the other side… the awkward nook with windows on all sides that was a small breakfast area before the remodel… oh, and did we mention that dang spiral staircase?! Multiple site visits to plot the cabinetry and countertop curve paid off all said and done, though!

Living space that work with the open floor plan kitchen

Designing the furnishings then became the fun part! With a smaller living space flanked by windows and sliders – but one that needed to balance the kitchen in substance – we had to break a few preferred design rules to make up the amount of seating desired.
The deep grape-y purple barrel swivels were the perfect “transition” piece by the slider offering access to the views while being versatile enough to still afford safe use of the slider and passage outside. Adding some graphic punch with the droplet shaped, stone and brass cocktail table and bold multicolored rug we love the balance of these weightier aesthetic choices with the adjacent kitchen.

Signature pieces make all the difference

Carrying through little pops of that blue green between the counter stools (I die! Seriously! SO GORGEOUS) and the sofa (with those brass nails!) — these colors really created a sturdy but eclectic tonal feel that the client was just over the moon for. The art and grasscloth on the walls throughout developed the architecture of the space in an overall structure that was really lacking – it feels warm, inviting, comfortable – BEAUTIFUL – but not too priss and pomp.
Now if we could just keep the pup off the sofa! 🙂
If you have a small space and not sure how to optimize it, call us!