Mid-century remodel bathroom goes to new levels of luxe!

Master bathroom style

Mid century Master Suite reimagined in a wildly crazy riot of color and texture!

This over the top in style mid century bathroom mixed design elements, color (one of our faves- Wenge from Benjamin Moore) and texture to provide a feast for your eyes.

From the front door of the home you can peek and see an active koi pond (smack dab between the dining and sitting rooms). Beyond that, an expansive green lawn before your eye drops to the water.
That’s MCM at its finest. Extreme. Clean.
HUGE floor to ceiling glass panel windows. Shoji screen doors and little cut outs here and there and everywhere. Day 1 the understanding was that flow meant everything. The balance of dark/light, sharp/smooth, color/texture, in and out had to become a mantra for this mid century master bath and bedroom suite.

There’s something naturally zen and yet supremely decadent about it all.

Like the idea of walking in at the end of a rough day, dropping your clothes on the floor, and being transported to an upscale, bright new place that purifies. (That Mr. Steam system is no joke!)
This remodel incorporated a bedroom adjacent to the original 1960’s bath to allow for a small laundry inside along with a well-appointed closet.
The shoe “collection” is impressive and well-loved so we mixed them in along with the rest of the original artwork in this one-of-a-kind bath.

Tiled shower masterpiece

Small, faceted gold mosaic acts like a decorative grill in a niche, where everywhere else the shower is smothered in smooth, creamy movement. Down to the shape of the drain matching the shape of the floor tile – working to create visual flow with functional difference that truly pushed the materials used to a new level.
Working with the tile installer daily to discuss where to stop and start materials and grout joints, how to drop a slight soffit over the shower entry only to create a kill point for the shower ceiling and a location for the crown in the bath to run. Transitioning a much thicker, darker main floor tile with the tiny, stone mosaic of the shower floor to ensure safety but also a symbiosis.

The contractor’s heads were spinning!

“Never a dull moment”- all too often uttered by both the contractor and subs as we discussed the bold but unusual color pairings. Sophisticated, spine-y lighting and extreme interplay of scale in the space. The wallpaper may have thrown them for a loop they’ll never come back from.
We love this bath and what’s more, the client loves it and never thought she could have one as perfectly fit to her perfectly perfect home. 

Want to see the bedroom that goes along with this gorgeous bathroom?

Click here to see the bedroom attached to this luxe bathroom!

What the client says:

“In Detail handled every aspect of my job efficiently, professionally and beautifully. They understood the demands of a busy client and managed every aspect of the job with a level of detail that surpassed my own expectations. Further, the team was fully prepared at each meeting and outcomes were upfront and clear with no surprises. My style isn’t for everyone, yet In Detail figured me out and delivered a finished product that I absolutely love to come home to.” SJ

Project Date: November 2019
Project Price Range: more than $100,000

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