Featured in House Beautiful: Dream Girl’s Bathroom

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This bathroom remodel for a young girl presented a challenging layout!  Awkward placement of fixtures, a sloping roofline and tight quarters created a claustrophobic and non-functional use of the space. The client had remodeled other areas of the home by herself and this time she felt she could not tackle the project with the creativity and attention to detail it required. She wanted a unique space for her daughter with strong feminine design details.


  • A separate shower and tub
  • A separate water closet
  • Better layout and flow into the room
  • A pretty yet sophisticated aesthetic fit for a young girl that would grow with her for several years
  • Maintain same overall footprint

Design Challenges:

  • Sloping ceiling interfered with vanity area
  • Overall footprint tight to allow for separate tub and shower
  • Egress into the room
  • A difficult contractor who did not see the value in changing locations of existing fixtures…until the end result!

Design Solutions:

  • We pushed back the sloping wall another 8 inches or so to take advantage of a tad more space..more “elbow” room so to speak in the shower area
  • Utilized the dormer window space for a pretty vintage table we found and had repurposed as a vanity
  • Change the door from a left hand in swing to a pocket door to allow for better movement into the space ( the bathroom is inside the girl’s bedroom).We also moved the door down away from the vanity area but even so cut the vanity back on each end to allow easy passage
  • Eliminated the wall by the tub to open the area up and create a larger feeling space
  • Reconfigured the layout to accommodate a separate water closet but did not need to move the toilet
  • Added layers to the room with varying textures of tile, a blend of large format tile as well as mosaics on the floor
  • Layered lighting with recess can lights, task lighting with the sconces and a single pendant over the vanities

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