I decided to address this Article in the NY Times that has gone around on Twitter and Facebook titled “Skipping the Architect: Wise or Otherwise?”. WAS THE AUTHOR SERIOUSLY TASKED WITH WRITING THIS DRIVEL? I am not an architect but a designer but the misinformation in this piece taints the entire industry.

This is how I am feeling right now.
 I am not advocating hiring an architect or even MOI for every project you tackle on your house. Quite frankly, I often talk my way out of jobs because I am truthful with people and tell them when they really do not need me.  OF COURSE you do not need an architect or designer for every household project! Geesh.
But this dude Steven Kurutz must be a M O R O N. I say this because if he is “journalist” then he should know enough about his topic to be able to sift through the crapola. Right?

This is what happens when you do not have a PLAN which is not the same thing as a piece of paper with lines drawn on it! I have an entire post dedicated to this next week!