Wow, it has been a crazy week! No time to think let alone blog! Lots of fun stuff going on and some really great projects coming up that I can’t wait to tell you about….many more modern kitchens and baths being done and I am grateful! I love traditional styling but it is nice to have the modern ones to really get your creativity going and I love, love, love to explore new products! We are finishing up two great baths among several and a wonderful mid century modern kitchen. I will post pix when I get them. It has been fun working on the mid century modern bath and kitchen…researching lights and materials. We are using some great 3 form with bamboo rings embedded for door panels. I can’t wait to see it done! Now, that is a fantastic product. I absolutely love the potential for using 3 form in our projects.

The kitchen and bath are small but well done. We had to be very creative in the bath and we are using a great tub from Neptune called the Wind tub. It is very unique and has a neat curve to it yet it will fit into 5 ft alcove. In the kitchen, we used metal laminate to create a “table” effect for the cooktop to sit will post that pix too. It is way less expensive to do than stainless but my cabinet man said tough to work with because of the metal shavings.

The other bath that I am JUST loving is a joint effort by one of our other designers, Laura,..she may be posting here sometimes as well. It is fun and has been a treat to work on as the clients are so open to everything! Laura and I have worked hard on getting just the right light, just the right paint and just the right “look” to this 5×8 typical bath..but it anything but typical! We did some interesting things and will post pix when complete.

Bamboo rings