The details matter.

I love to find the “everyday” home fixture that is either sleeker than the norm or is useful in an unusual way. Ok, I love to challenge the status quo… I admit it. But here are a couple of electrical “gizmos” that you might find, well, kind of cool. I credit the Aspire outlets and switches to an electrician on one of my jobs that found this for my client. Whoo hoo! They look even better in person! Perhaps not for the traditional home but great for modern and  transitional design. Check it out!

Aspire switches and outlets

Here is a great idea:

For those areas you must have electrical such as an island but do not want to cut into your wood cabinetry. It is a large diameter, but worth it in the right situation. Doug Mockett

And yet another idea to avoid all the cuts in a gorgeous backsplash:

Use plug mold outlet strips. There is a downside to this if you keep your small appliances plugged in but if you want to really emphasize the backsplash this will allow you to do it without any visible outlets. Switches will need to be planned as well so they are placed in another area.


Plugmold can also be used on islands to have a handy strip of electrical outlets without cutting into side panels. If you plan your overhang correctly, it will snuggle right up against it!


I also really like using CFL bulbs in recessed can fixtures.

They last forever and you can now get them dimmable!

Earth Easy


20W R40 Dimmable Reflector Flood ALTO
Price: $22.95
This 20 watt, R-40 dimmable reflector flood is ideal for recessed and track lighting fixtures, indoors and outdoors. Light output is comparable to a 75-85 watt incandescent.
It will provide diffused, soft, white light, generate less heat than will an incandescent flood, and is suitable for use in wet locations (when used base up).