This is a uber modern design we completed a few months ago and just got to shoot so thought would throw it out there into cyberspace!

Overall I think there are some good design points and really different uses of materials. Notably, the “fins” separating cabinets. Since this was made up in my somewhat addled brain, I can honestly say I do not think you will see it anywhere else! I also really like the way we treated the columns that go through all three floors of the home. The architect is known for this and he swears it will withstand any hurricane. But columns poking out all over the kitchen is not that much fun as a designer……in this situation, I was able to hide several of them inside cabinetry. Now you see it, then you don’t!

The kitchen was done for a bachelor who had strong opinions and some great ideas. Loved working with him on this project! The wood is a grain matched walnut and is not as orangeish as the pictures represent.  The wood top is bamboo and I just love it’s organic feel. Note also the pop up outlets. Very handy, very cool! The lights are hand blown glass and the color is magnificent in this space. The handles are all cast aluminum from Duverre.

Wolf  Series E built in oven, bamboo tops from Grothouse Lumber!
I am not sure what I was drinking when came up with this idea but I still love it!!
The piling is cleverly hidden and still have storage space!


Two large pull out pantries flank the built in refrig
The backsplash is art glass from Joel Berman Glass
Some left over space created by the blasted columns….but works well for additional storage and wine!
Um, I left early during shoot….and my client thinks he is amusing!!! NO this is NOT paper towel storage!!


Caesarstone  Lagos Blue quartz tops
Backsplash broke three times…needless to say…was not thrilled…but came out pretty nice!
The pop up outlets..very useful for one level island in a modern aesthetic

What do you think? I am sure this will stir up some debate on the design details!