Tiny Modern Home – Big living in a small space! Designed from the ground up

Tiny modern home

The limits of the words “tiny house” did little to falter the creativity and good executed design of this modern tiny home in Pensacola Florida.


When challenged with the task of turning 500 or so square feet into the most functional residential tiny home space one could dream of, it was a labor of love. Originally this tinh home was for one of the designers that work with our team, but now we are using it as an awesome air bnb!

From a logistical standpoint, the square footage absolutely had to stay small -and small house plans are tough, but there are so many inventive ways to use that space and end up with something that looks much more finished and comfortable than a camper! Pivoting through each functional item on the list – from the kitchen to the bedroom, and the loft space to the little side yard – all of the “comforts” of easy living were still incorporated for a super stylish end result!

To begin at the beginning – the core needs were to develop a functional cooking and dining space, small gathering area for TV, a bedroom that offered comfortable sleeping quarters, full bathroom with walk in shower and walk-in closet with laundry… of and of course, any extra storage we could muster! The tiny house is not so tiny!

The kitchen design focused on a great “galley” style layout split strategically by a side entry door to a sweet outdoor dining and cocktail space.

Capitalizing on a long island that met the side wall, we were able to include more shallow storage on the back of the island beside the pair of counterstools. Mirroring the fridge wall with a built in pantry and storage bench, this half of the main living area  provides a comfortable but sweetly styled area for bistro table dining and lots of fun display and closed storage.

Across the room is the living in this tiny house – with windows perfectly placed for real furniture and a fabulous statement art piece!

While the spiral stairs in this tiny modern home that lead to the loft storage space interject some here, their low profile keeps the visual really clean. As a hub of the home – this area is the main entry / dining / entertaining / storage / kitchen all in one!

Moving to the back side of the house, accenting the smaller bedroom size with a big picture window adds so much beautiful light and a lofty feel to this “master”.

Tucking a small vanity/desk area in this tiny modern home directly into the corner allowed for really great dedicated storage and work space that meets a multitude of needs (and keeps things sort of tucked away so that when guests come by there isn’t a lot of clutter seen through the doorway! The master bath is 100% style with the cheerful and funky tile that offers a HUGE aesthetic impact for such a small space. Eclectic lighting and a pretty, softly patterned wallpaper layer up the details too. Then the closet houses a stackable washer dryer (that just! fit through the door!) and ample storage for a full wardrobe.

When gazing  up – we just love LOVE the view to the pitch of the ceiling and the painted box beams that offer such a perfectly clean visual to collect the feel of the overall home.

As a makeshift guest room and storage area, the loft in this tiny modern home offers ample space for bulkier items and things that need to be tucked away on a daily basis – but as needed offers up a comfy little home-away-from-home for anyone sleeping over. Hidden up here also is the HVAC and water heater so the “side” attic also has some closed off storage that can be used for items that don’t need a temp controlled environment.

Overall – we love the feel of this tiny house and while “tiny” in size, it really does deliver in so many ways when it comes to style and functionality for an air bnb!

Like a dollhouse for adults 🙂 We can’t wait to build our next air bnb or design one for YOU!