You can buy THIS tile here at Cafe Press
I do not think this is going to be a long winded post. I will let the pictures tell the tale of yuck. And, here is the kicker: Most of these are new projects! I do not think they saw or cared about my post on “Just say no to tumbled marble! either.  As a designer, there is always a client who really loves something that is just not quite working. The key is to be able to give a client what they want yet work it so that the overall look is not compromised. Sometimes it is a material issue, sometimes a composition issue and often can be simply a bad installation. Because of this, we always try to insist on our own tile installers. Everyone is happy in the long run.
Do you have a picture of one of the worst tile jobs you have seen? Share it with me!

This might be captioned ” and then i went in the shower and threw up” I think it looks like a tile coffin and sized about the same too. The cathedral niches fit the theme. Death.


ok, so what is the thing sticking out in the middle?And off subject, but why is the inside of the hood white?? The accent here is best.


Is this for a life sized game of chess? or checkers? or am I missing something?


This looks to me like there was a sale at the local “tiles r us” store…..This really is a problem with composition. A serious problem. By themselves, some of these materials might have worked ok.  Maybe.


Do you think they ran out when they got to the shower floor?

Let’s put the wild horses back in the barn where they belong.


Ok, some might say this is not so bad….but they would not be any of the design folks I hang around. Did a big box retailer design this I wonder?  Whose idea was it to put the accent deco in the MIDDLE of the diagonal tile? It would not have saved this one but at least it could have been in between the diagonal set tile and the tile on the square. And can we send all these liner decos to somewhere far far away?


It is entirely possible that my love for gray could be over after seeing this.


oh my, oh my. Tell me some one did not really do this.