What is all the ruckus about?

Facebook is all abuzz about the new color of the year from Sherwin Williams. I hardly pay attention to these things ( well except that time I was invited to NYC for the launch of Ben Moore’s color of the year in 2016- now that was a PARTY) but today so many railed against the color choice- it made me think why?

People are missing the point

A color of the year in my opinion- is an idea to bring forth  new interpretation- to get people to think of a shade in a different way- but just like in politics oh dear lord- people rush to say – no because of their PERSONAL association with a color- this coming from designers blows my mind as we are trained to look at things in ways that the general populace does not.

The folks saying this is only southwest are making me want to bang my head against an adobe wall in Santa Fe- and if you do think this for gods sake do not say it or your credibility with any client should come under scrutiny because colors do not associate with a time period for professionals with experienced in color theory and combining for maximum creative impact. 


The idea is to generate buzz but also to choose a color meant to reflect the direction one feels home fashion is heading. And sure paint companies would like you to splash a color all over the walls- but we know better than that!

sherwin williams color of the year
It woks on the walls here because of the strong black color of the lighting and the sheer size also helps to embrace the bold wall color- but also the floor is a sandy color that does not fight with the walls. Courtesy of Sherwin Williams

Sure some colors are not great is big doses but when we started the inspiration for the master below, we began with this color– but in the window panels not on the walls. This was a year ago.

Why the furor over this color?

The outrage over Cavern Clay surprised me because it is so workable to me. But again It is not about the single color people- it is about the inspiration to work with fresh pallets! 

Think about this color in context- which is the best approach to looking at any color- never in isolation!

If you want to see other fearless color combinations, take a peek here. This is a gorgeous master bedroom we just completed! No pro photos yet but soon! It is a beauty!

Deliver me from the grays! Stay away beiges!

Give the middle finger to the boring, the trite, the expected.

Break out of the mold-

Stay in your lane until time to merge- and ignore the shocked looks of those who want to stay swaddled in a big burrito of boredom.

Find your color of the year and own it. Play with combinations until your eye feels satisfied.

Be bold. Free. Live colorfully.