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Bath or Shower?

Ok, I know this is probably NOT the most exciting blog topic I have ever come up with, but the truth is that the tub in your bath, or lack thereof, is an important decision in the design process. First question I ask is, “Do you actually use the tub? Are you a ‘tub person’ or a “shower person?” Most people are shower people but if you run across a tub person…. boy, are they serious about it! I have several clients who are most definitely “tub people,” so the decision on what sort of tub to use was critical. Many factors go into this decision, most importantly, what size can the bathroom hold?

The Neptune Wind tub


A small tub with tiled face. This bath was designed for a “tubbie” yet was very small,  so had to be creative.

Here we have a small 5 ft tub but designed for someone who likes to take baths!

I decided in my own bathroom remodel, post Hurricane Ivan, to do away with the tub.

Yes, in my master bath! And I have never looked back. Here is the deal. We live in a small house on the beach. We are not “tub people” and, in fact, love long luxurious showers…. or as long as the undersized water heater holds out. I have two teens. Need I say more? So, for us, the decision was made to forgo the tub as we have one in another bathroom for the rare times we might need it. Or, for resale. If you believe in that theory.

Read more about the pros/cons of having a tub in the master here at Homesavvi.

I personally find that if you have the space for a great tub, let’s do it.

But, I do not think a very well done bathroom sans tub will cost you the sale of the house IF you have tub(s) elsewhere. I know this is a radical thought, but I think it is true. In our case, it did not matter as, according to my husband, we will never sell this house no matter how many hurricanes bare down on us for no matter how many years. I do not always see eye to eye with him on this subject but that is another post entirely.

Back to tubs.

Let’s look at some great options and some unusual tubs that meet specific needs. And, please do not get me wrong. I design baths all the time around tubs, but I hate to give up valuable real estate in a small bath for a tub IF THE CLIENT IS NOT TUB BATHING BUT ONCE PER YEAR! That is all.

And, while I am on it, here is a preview of the next post on “absurdities in design” for bathrooms. Why oh why are the tubs almost always placed directly underneath a window?? Or worse, under  glass blocks? For my money, glass blocks are out, out, out. And, I prefer the windows to be near the vanities where many women need the natural light. Have you seen someone at the market who apparently had little to no natural light while putting on makeup??
Whoa! Perhaps no natural OR unatural light at all going on here…
I am convinced bad lighting was the culprit here.
This reminds me of 6th grade when my mom said “NO you may not wear makeup” And we tried it anyway.

So, why put the tub under the window?

IF you have a great view and you can lounge in the tub without being seen nekkid, good for you. But for most people, they must lower the window treatments in order to bathe. So, what is the point? I love windows… but can we not consider putting them somewhere else in the bath? It works so much better, and I think it’s simply a matter of challenging the status quo on good design. And, I do so love challenging the status quo.

Great Duravit tub “Blue Moon” for those baths that have LOTS of space!
Thanks to Apartment Therapy. You can read more about this tub if you click the link. I love Duravit tubs. They really make some of the most unique ones on the market. Another manufacturer I really like and specify often is Neptune Tubs. I have used their Wind tub several times and it is one of the most versatile and good looking 5ft tubs around.
The Neptune Saphyr tub. Bath Designed by In Detail Interiors.


Here is an example of putting the vanity near natural light and I like the way they put mirror behind the tub to act as the “window”