I am not asking simply “What makes a great designer?” but what trait is essential?

 The trait that resonates louder and more often with the design folks I admire and want to emulate is:

  The constant quest to learn. 

***Learning about the newest products in our field

*** Figuring out the best ways to execute a design element

***Discovering the multitude of ways products can be used…in a creative and innovative fashion

***Challenging the status quo to solve a problem by “seeing” it as no one else has done 

***Desiring to learn more about associated disciplines

Mix all of this with a healthy dose of passion for creating, an eye for detail, and a head for learning and you have a great designer.

“Creativity is to see what everybody else has seen and to think what nobody else has thought.” ~Albert Szent-Goyorgy

   What about learning from mistakes?  We call it doing a “post mortem” on a job.What worked well?  What could we have done better? How could we handle situation A or B differently? What did we learn from this job?

I think the learning curve in the design field is never completed. Sure you know more each day and I know most in my field pay a hefty tuition at the University of Hard Knocks.

But the real difference between someone who is passionate about their work and someone who is just putting in the time is the quest to build ( or in our case, design) a better mouse trap. A better one with more creativity and style. One that has not been designed before…or with function not seen in the past or a panache that is unequaled.

And this takes a constant quest to learn more and challenge more often.


   The status quo is for sissies.

 Where do you find inspiration to learn?

Some of my favorite places, websites, and books will be featured in coming posts. 

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