If only you could know today what you will learn tomorrow- Right?

Planning a remodel- you need to read this!

I have decided to decree the newest and most exciting superpower of all time to be: HINDSIGHT. This is the superpower I would bestow on all my clients. Because God love ’em, most need it.

  1. 1.
    understanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed.

    Oh Wait! I do share this knowledge with clients!

Unknown Indeed I do. No crystal ball needed. Just good old fashioned experience. What a concept. If I could somehow fast forward to the end of a project where the client and I are walking a job site and they are saying, “Well guess we should have done this or that. Should have listened to you it looks like”.

How do you convince a client about this before the fact rather than after the fact? If I figured this out, I probably would not have to worry about another job coming down the line for decades. Would be all booked up.

Designers are hired for their expertise based on their style, creativity and their EXPERIENCE.


Mr. or Mrs. Homeowner, you may know what you like but not always sure how to get there and this is why you hire us. Listen to what we say. No need to accept what the designer says as the gospel (Wouldn’t that be nice!!?) but when you hire a professional to do a job, the best results are achieved when you consider their experience and be open to their ideas. And it is ok to ask for a design rationale.

All that being said, what do you look for when interviewing potential designers?

****Look for someone who you feel comfortable with but yet who will push you out of your comfort zone.

****Consider your own personal style and make sure you ask questions about the designer’s style or philosophies on design.

****Ask for referrals from previous clients.

****Peruse their portfolio and if they do not have one, I would suggest thinking long and hard about why they do not but do not discount someone new- sometimes this can be a great bargain for what you need.  Often there is a reason and you can ask for photos but most designers should have a portfolio to view and if not then testimonials or just renderings.

****Consider their work history and just how long they have been working in the area you are hiring them to design. Experience is a key ingredient in helping you achieve your desired results without breaking the bank.

Just remember hindsight is invaluable. And when you hire someone with experience, you are hiring someone who has “been there done that”, made the mistakes already and lived to tell the tale. 

Listen to the tale. It can save you a ton of money on change orders and result in a gorgeous, well designed space that is perfect for your needs.

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